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Corner House Excites in Singapore Botanic Gardens


Corner House has the perfect combination of fine cuisine and location magnificence. House in a humble bugalow in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the views are enchanting and inspiring. The food is internationally acclaimed wiht Chef and co-owner Jason Tan bringing loads of technique and honouring the "botanica" around him. Says the website,

"Gastro-Botanica is the contemporary cuisine created by Chef Jason Tan that emphasizes refinement and quality, and gives equivalent weight on the plate to protein and botanical elements.

Chef Jason works with fastidiously sourced meats, poultry and seafood, and botanicals ranging from tubers, roots and fungi, to vines, fruits and herbs. A key innovation of Gastro-Botanica is that plants are given fuller elaborations, and garnishing becomes a highlight in its own right."

 The Carabinero Prawn dish is spectacular with a variation of the season’s best tomato, vintage sherry, Kristal de Chine caviar.

Royal Oyster was an elegant dish honouring the fruits of the sea.

The concept of serving dishes where fruit and vegetables are treated with the same honour as meat is a welcome concept with a trend to healthier eating.

Tan likes to give space to the "Interpretation of my favourite vegetable". This Onion with Jackfruit dish was amazing with the botanica philosophy in full flight; honour given to simple vegetables and fruit with contemporary treatment and innovation. Oignon doux des Cévennes.

We were in truffle heaven with this Free range sous vide chicken dish with truffles. Chicken and truffles is a perfect combination and the sauces and accompaniments brought the dish together, notably the sweet corn sauce. The chicken is tender and well seasoned.

One of the dishes of the year! This Surf and Turf lobster risotto with truffles is decadent and compelling. Truffles are rich enough in themselves, as is lobster, but the creamy risotto balances the dish beautifully. Riso, seaweed, Maine lobster, Iberico pork, Plantin black truffle. Says the Corner House Instagram, 

"Chef Jason’s take on the surf-and-turf genre and an ‘inspired reiteration’ of an earlier dish. Surf & Turf Rice, with Iberico pork jowl presents ingredients from both sea and land in the form of Maine lobster, topped with French black truffle from Plantin and nori, seated on slices of caramelized Iberico pork jowl and a bed of ‘rice’ with puffed soba."

The My Interpretation of Kaya Toast dessert was also a triumph, simply art on a plate. The flavours of kaya toast are here, but in a highly innovative form. Pandan, coconut, gula melaka, muscovado sablé and yuzu. Love the Pandan snow.

Tan is a highly accalimed chef. Says the website,

"As E J H Corner was a seeker in the scientific realm, so is Chef Jason Tan in the culinary realm. In 2004, Jason started his career at the famed Les Amis restaurant, progressing through Le Saint Julien Restaurant in Singapore, and the 3-Michelin-starred Robuchon a Galera (later renamed Robuchon au dome), at the Hotel Lisboa in Macau, China. He then re-joined Le Saint Julien prior to Julien Bompard at Ascott Raffles Place, where he served as Chef de Cuisine for 2 years.

In 2008, Jason was crowned the Bocuse d’Or Singapore Champion, going on to win the Bronze trophy at the Bocuse d’Or Asian Selection and represented Asia at the Bocuse d’Or world cuisine contest at Lyon, France.

Jason joined Mandarin Oriental Hotel in 2010 before moving on to Sky on 57 as part of the preopening at the Marina Bay Sands resort. Jason remained at Sky on 57 for nearly 4 years, rising to Executive Chef in 2012.

As the ‘Suitcase Chef’, Chef Jason travels across the world in search of new ideas and inspirations for his kitchen. Wanderlust aside, the Suitcase Chef shares other qualities with E J H Corner, including an exploring mind, an interest in provenance, a passion for craft and quality, and a devotion to nature and terroir."

This dish of Petit Fours included sumptuous jackfruit. Again the presentation is first class and the dish clever, each element a triumph. 

Corner House is a compelling dining destination in Singapore. Highly recommended.