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Fishball Story in Golden Mile

Fishball Story is one of the great stories of Singapore and one of the best hawker food places to eat in Singapore. For generations the family have been making sublime fishballs. Now the new generation Douglas Park has taken the business to the next level. These are handmade fishballs using fish meat and no flour! Douglas gets up at 4am every morning to beat, blend and press yellowtail flesh into fishballs and chilli-scallion fishcakes. 


The fish ball is Grandmother's recipe, passed on to the generations. Douglas learned cooking fishballs quickly in four months and he learned cooking at hawker markets. We thought the fishballs were amazing; so soft and bouncy with an incredible texture, and the noodles themselves were a hit. The sambal dressing crowns the dish, as does the crunchy pieces of fried pork lard. All in all for $3.50 this was an incredible dish.