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Famous Hainanese Chicken at Tian Tian


One of our hero dishes is the iconic Hainanese chicken. The best Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore is reputed to be at Tian Tian in Maxwell Food Centre. Here the lines for chicken rice are extensive all day long. Tian Tian was made world famous by Anthony Bourdain who visited the hawker centre and raved about the Hainanese Chicken from Tian Tian. A picture of Bourdain and the article remain on the wall. This is one of the best hawker food places to eat in Singapore for traditional fare.

We were given two types of chicken rice - with a Roast Chicken version with skin a great alternative. The crowd vote was the skinless variety is the winner.


Get your hawker on!


Tiger is a popular beer which goes well with chicken rice. In the hawker centre is was about $6, while in a restaurant you could expect to pay much more. Tian Tian is a place to return to time and again... A worthy entrant in our Singapore Food Guide.