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Izy's Chic Izakaya on Club Street

Japanese restaurants are popular in the Ann Siang Hill and Club Street precinct. Izy's was a superb venue for our Chowzter dinner and the modern decor impressed along with the food.Izys in Club St is a superb modern Japanese Izakaya. Sit along the counter and imbibe top class sake or French wine. We enjoyed the small plate high class dishes here, but the bar aspect is also compelling. This is one of the best places to eat in Singapore in terms of Japanese Izakaya.

Pop art on the walls, attractive lighting and great use of timber are a highlight. Apart from the front bar there's an attractive restaurant area out the back.

Dishes are sophisticated including this Sea urchin served on a bed of house made tofu with wasabi.

Scallop sashimi was the pick of the plate with trout and tuna also superb.

Swordfish grilled in seaweed was a favourite at our table.

The wagyu with rice, caramelised onion, egg and shaved truffles was a stunning delicate dish! As was the dessert...